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Ultra Tungsten Screw Lock 1/8oz

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Are you ready to transform your fishing experience with ultra tungsten screw lock? Discover the unparalleled performance of Ultra Tungsten Screw Lock, the ultimate solution for discerning anglers. Our screw lock worm weights, crafted from 97% pure tungsten, are not only environmentally friendly but also significantly more compact than traditional lead weights. This means your bait can navigate through weeds and snags with remarkable ease. Each screw lock worm weight features smoothly polished line holes, ensuring minimal line friction and maximum durability. With or without the locking screw, these screw lock worm weights are designed for versatility, accommodating various rigging techniques like Texas, Carolina, or Dropshotting. Experience the difference with our screw lock worm weights – where size truly matters in your pursuit of the catch. Elevate your fishing game with Ultra Tungsten Screw Lock today!
1/8   oz     (4pcs in pack)
3/16 oz     (3pcs in pack)
1/4   oz     (3pcs in pack)
3/8   oz     (3pcs in pack)
1/2   oz     (2pcs in pack)
3/4   oz     (2pcs in pack)
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