T-H Marine Conservation Cull System Gen2

We believe our G-Force Gen 2 Conservation Cull System is the best cull system ever built, but after receiving the first run of them, we realized our manufacturing facility may have neglected to meet our specifications when crimping the collars at the end of each string. Although we would much rather have every run of these exactly as we intended it, especially the initial run that we were so excited to announce, the good news is that this can be easily fixed.
To ensure your non-piercing clips are securely fastened to your cull strings, simply locate the crimp collar within the clip at the end of each color-coded cull string. Slide the clip up the cull string so you have slack and enough room to put a pair of pliers or crimpers on the crimp collar. Next, just crimp the middle of the collar so it is secure on the string and slide the clip back to the end of the string. You’ll then be ready for your next big catch.


  • Simplified Cull Clip
  • Stainless Steel Spring Loaded One Hand Operation
  • Removable Floats
  • Color Coded Line
    • Non-penetrating Clip
    • Balance beam included
    • 6 color-coded buoys
    • Allows quicker culling- More fishing time!
    • Uses a stronger plastic clip to hold tight around the lip
    • Buoy holder for quick and easy storage of each Cull Ball