Spro Sukura 3.5"

The new SPRO® Sakura features a subtle action that makes it nearly irresistible to educated fish.  The unique, diamond-shaped tail flutters with the slightest movement, making it perfect for Ned rigs, drop shot or other finesse presentations. The Elastomer floating material gives the innovative new bait the perfect attitude to stand out above rubble or rip rap on the bottom, giving fish a clear target.  The Sakura’s is also infused with SPRO exclusive Amino Bite Scent. This custom blend of amino acids creates a scent trail that travels through the water column and lures fish from a distance.

• 3.5” size
• Diamond-shaped tail for added action
• Dura-Tough elastomer material
• Infused with Amino Bite Scent
• Floating material adds buoyancy to baits
• Perfect for Ned Rigs or Drop Shotting
• Sold 5 per pack