Spro Pintail Stick 3.5"

SPRO’s Pin Tail Stick is made using high-quality Japanese plastic that provides lots of action while remaining durable enough to catch multiple fish. These baits are infused with Amino Bite Scent that creates a scent trail that leads fish to it, and the custom amino acid blend entices them to bite.  The single tail on the Pin Tail Stick moves even
when the bait is standing still, providing enticing, fluttering action no matter how you fish it. While there’s no wrong way to fish the Pin Tail Stick, it’s perfect for Neko, Texas, or Wacky rigging.

• 3.75”
• High-quality Japanese plastic
• Infused with Amino Bite Scent
• Fluttering Pin Tail action
• Heavy salt for easy casting and fast sink rate
• Perfect for Neko, Texas or Whacky rigging
• Sold 5 per pack in 3.75”