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Rapala X-Rap Peto, Halloween

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Unlock the full potential of your fishing expeditions with the Rapala X-Rap Peto, the pinnacle of musky and pike lure design. This musky and pike lure combines the renowned X-Rap craftsmanship with a strikingly realistic curl tail, ensuring a seamless and effective presentation. Tailored for challenging environments and cold waters, the X-Rap Peto excels with its slow sinking motion and enticing tail action, captivating muskies and pikes like never before. Its distinctive body roll and rhythmic tail movement beckon the most cautious predators, while the pause feature allows the tail to stabilize the lure, ensuring a natural and tempting descent. Securely fastened with a robust 6-point stainless plate and equipped with an additional tail, this musky and pike lure is designed for longevity and success. Armed with sharp VMC® Coastal Black hooks, the Rapala X-Rap Peto guarantees that every strike counts. Elevate your fishing game and make every cast count with the Rapala X-Rap Peto, your ultimate musky and pike lure.

Product Details

  • Swimming  Depth 1-3ft
  • Body size  8" 
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