Marcum Lithium 6ah Battery Charger

The 12v6amp LiFePO4 Charger works with the MarCum LiFePO4 Batteries, Kits, and “L” labeled systems. This charger is multi-stage for fast initial charging, reduced-charge near full, and a maintain charge cycle to prevent overcharging. A full charge of the LP41218 will take 2 – 7 hours, depending on battery. This charger is NOT compatible with Lead-acid, Lithium Ion Mite, or Lithium Shuttle batteries.

12V6AH LiFeP04 charger
Compatible with MarCum  King, and Max LiFeP04 batteries
Lithium LiFeP04 compatible charger – not for use with SLA, Lithium Ion, or Lithium Shuttle batteries
Multi-stage charge types include fast, reduced-charge, and maintain cycles
Full charge cycle – 2 – 7 hours, depending on battery
Includes both spade terminal and round terminal wiring harnesses.