Marcum Camera Panner

Like an underwater surveillance device, Marcum’s Auto camera Panner lets you do constant spy work on those aquatic targets we call trophy fish. Push a button and rotate your camera 360-degrees. Thanks to the Camera Panner’s compact, portable construction, staying mobile from hole-to-hole with a camera has never been easier. Lower your camera to the proper depth. Lock the cable into the Panner’s special clip. Place the Camera Panner over the ice hole, and your “underwater surveillance device” hovers at the optimal depth, staring fish right in the eye. Grab the corded remote control and with a push of a button, follow fish as they swim, scanning a full panoramic 360-degrees below the ice. Perfect for following traveling schools of fish and monitoring multiple fishing lines. Powered by two C-cell batteries (not included).

Includes 10 foot cord