Drop Tine Tackle Triple Deuce Spinner Bait 4.3oz

Tested and abused in Northwestern Ontario, our new Triple Deuce Elite is one of the most versatile, most durable spinnerbaits made!! Use this lure in all the same places as you would throw a bucktail. With three sets of double blades just like our original Triple Deuce, it drives a muskie crazy.

The most unique part of this spinnerbait is the one peice wire design with no kinks for bends reducing the chances of breakage. All bends in the wire are a coil bend giving it flex and strength where it is needed. It has a large treble 7/0 treble hook for better ups, and has a large grub trailer attached to the rear of the bait.

The Triple Deuce Elite comes in two sizes and both of these cast like a dream. The smaller size is a 2.9oz single skirt(similar weight to a Double 8) and the bigger size is 4.4oz with a double skirt.

It's all part of building the finest tackle in Northwestern Ontario!!