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Drennan Loafer Float #3 2 Pack

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Ever struggled to catch fish in clear water? The Drennan Loafer Float is your solution. Designed for versatility, this loafer float excels in various water conditions. Its crystal-clear design is a game-changer, especially when fish are easily spooked. The Drennan Loafer Float is crafted for durability and easy visibility, enhancing your fishing experience. With this loafer float, you can expertly navigate and fish in clear waters, making every trip a success. Don't miss out on this essential fishing tool – grab your Drennan Loafer Float today and see the difference!


Available in bulk and in convenient 2-packs with header card.

DRLF10 2.4g
DRLF20 3.2g
DRLF30 4.0g
DRLF40 6.4g
DRLF50 8.0g

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