Berkley Money Badger

Casting for Bass or Trolling for Walleye – the Money Badger will Catch More Fish® and cash more checks! Hybrid baitfish-crayfish design is compact and aggressive while delivering rod shaking, tail-thumping action. "Clicking" sound system is tuned to deliver a fish-calling balance of sound and action. Pro Tip: This bait excels at casting to structure or trolled at a variety of speeds from 1 to 5mph! Draw out the Money Badger hunting actions with highspeed retrieves or trolling.

Maximum hard thumping vibration with amplified side roll to draw in fish from a distance
Hybrid baitfish-crayfish design delivers slow rise so the bait hangs on the pause
Maximum casting distance - tungsten weight transfer in the three larger sizes for long casts
Versatile - cast or troll; bait can be fished slow or burned at maximum speeds without blowing out
Patented FlashDisc™ technology is integrated to improve tracking, stability, and accuracy and delivers a true balsa-like action
Designed to crawl over structure/rocks
Clicking sounds system is tuned to delivers the perfect balance of sound and action
Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks