Vexilar Lithium 12 Volt 9ah Battery

Lightweight and powerful, the V-100L 12 Volt, 9 amp-hour Vexilar Lithium battery has been designed to replace any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery and still allow use of the 1 amp, fully-automatic Vexilar battery charger.

Drop-in replacement for any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery
LiFePO4 technology
Delivers twice the number of battery re-charging cycles over sealed lead-acid batteries
Half the weight of the sealed lead-acid battery

Vexilar Lithium Battery is only compatible with the Vexilar V-410 charger. The charger is available in a V-120L Combo Pack with the Lithium Battery or sold separately V-410 Charger.