Russian SKS - 7.62x39, Standard Grade

Perfect for beginning shooters, or those who just want a reliable, easily customizable, cheap firearm!
The SKS is a Soviet semiautomatic, self loading, piston operated carbine, chambered for the 7.62x39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.
In the early 1950s, the Soviets took the SKS out of front-line service, and replaced it with the AK-47, however the SKS remained in second-line service for decades. It is still used as a ceremonial firearm today.
Contact the Hunting & Firearms Department to ask about customization and accessories available for the SKS.
Caliber: 7.62x39
Stock: Wood
Barrel: Steel
Barrel Length: 20"
Overall Length: 40"
Weight: 8.5lbs