Outdoor Edge RazorBone Orange Folding Replacement Blade Knife

Outdoor Edge RBB-20 RBB-20 RazorBone Orange Folding Replacement Blade Knife with 6 Blades and Camo Sheath Box Packaging

The 3.5-inch, general-purpose drop-point blade is a true workhorse for field-dressing and skinning while the new gutting blade will open game like a zipper without piercing vital organs and the reliable, surgically-sharp, boning/fillet blade will process meat quickly and efficiently.

Each of the three blades locks securely into the RazorBone's black-oxide coted stainless steel blade holder to provide the strength and rigidity of a traditional knife, while allowing ample flexibility for the 5-inch boning/fillet blade. Each blade style closes individually into the handle for the convenience of a folder and versatility of a multi-blade knife.