NC-Star SKS Scope Mount MTSKS

SKS Tri-Rail Receiver Cover
Replaces existing SKS receiver cover and provides Three Rails for mounting and Optic on top and accessories on the sides like a Flashlight and/or Laser
The two side rails can be mounted in several positions for mounting flexability, they are also removable
Four side set screws allows you to lock the receiver cover to the SKS receiver for a secure fit
The Receiver Cover is manufactured slightly longer by a few thousandths, so that it can be hand fited to the various manufacturers of the SKS rifles. Some handfitting may be required for a secure fit
Mount is a See-Through design, which allows you to still be able to use the Iron Sights when mounted onto the SKS rifle
Aluminum (Rail) and Steel Construction (Receiver Cover)
Length: 4.8"
Weight: 9.6 oz