McGathy's Slab Grabber 125GL6

MUST be used with a snap swivel, sizes 10/12 are best. Do not tie straight to the lure.

For reference all packaging is 3.5" long

The Slab Grabber line is the first of many jigs McGathy's offer
that have taken front stage on both performance and
quality. Why?  Because they perform at the top end
without a single piece of live bait! 


That's right. the designs take the place of live bait.  No
messy minnows - no extra costs for both hooks AND live
bait - no cold hands  - our jigs dance and dive fast when
the fish are biting!

What's the catch?

No catch - unless you count your day of successful
fishing.  A simple snap swivel and any one of our
numerous designs and you can become the king of the