Grumpy Baits Mini Minn-Fin

Mini Minn-FIN is a small profile, 2.6" minnow imitation bait designed with a very slender, minnow-like body and a full-action caudal fin.  Like our popular 4" Minn-FIN, the Mini Minn-FIN uses the same ground breaking caudal fin design that is now horizontally oriented, allowing for life-like movement, even as a small profile bait.  Whether vertical jigging or drop-shotting, the dual micro paddle tips and independent web fins create enhanced fluid dynamics to the Mini Minn-FIN and is the first ever of its kind!  Patent pending.

Brand new, industry-first, caudal fin design that includes two micro paddles at the tip of each caudal fin, and two independent web fins to maximize tail movement when vertical jigging or casting and retrieving.
Improved overall minnow bait design with more life-like minnow body shape
Multitude of colors available for a variety of conditions and species
Multi-technique bait including jigging, casting and retrieving, drop-shotting, ice fishing, etc
Loaded with our signature Hawg and Garlic sauce!
Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
10 pieces per bag