Freedom Tackle Brushless Jig 3/8oz Black Blue

By removing the brushguard, FREEDOM has revolutionized structure fishing. The Brush-less Live Action Hybrid Jig is designed for all-purpose work. The Brush-less jig utilizes FREEDOM’s internal advanced interchangeable hook design to provide a jig head that creates maximum action. It performs exceptionally, whether your fishing in 2 feet of water or in 50 feet of water. The hook swings freely behind the head so it does not get caught up on debris and can easily be switched out depending on your environment and conditions. With the addition of a plastic trailer, the Brush-less jig allows for a weedless presentation and enhanced action when deflected off debris or structure. This Brush-less jig has a 60 degree recessed line tie which allows for easy retrieval through structure. Like all our products, fish are not able to use the jig as leverage when trying to shake loose, which results in more fish landed.