Dirty Jigs No Jack Punching Jig 1 1/4 oz, Payday

Heavy mats. You know the ones, right? The ones with the thick, nasty, matted grass that you know holds giant fish but it stops any regular jig dead in its tracks and leaves you scratching your head. We used to be there too until Dirty Curt designed this weapon. It features the super-strong, gorilla taming No-Jack hook that is made to fish in the heavy cover jungle. The bullet shaped head easily slips in and out of the vegetation while keeping the head upright and preventing roll-over. He also modified the hook placement to maximize the hook gap for incredible hook-up power and ratio. Of course this jig also comes with the detailed, durable paint job that Diry Jigs Tackle is known for. When you’re fishing cover this heavy, you’re in for a fight. Don’t be afraid to throw the first punch.