Daisy Youth Long Bow

Daisy’s Longbow is loaded with features but sized for young shooters just getting started in archery. The shoot-through riser allows shooters to safely get on target while keeping the arrow centered on the rest. The Daisy Longbow has an adjustable single pin sight that can be positioned on either side of the riser for left or right handed shooters and can be sighted in as close as 6 meters, which is ideal for any beginner archer’s first shot. Daisy’s Longbow is appropriate for ages 10 and older with adult supervision.


  • Ambidextrous shoot-thru riser for right and left handed shooters
  • Sights in as close as 6 meters
  • Includes: Two 26” fiberglass target arrows, Arrow quiver, 3 Finger rollers, Arm-guard