Czech Adult OM-90 Gas Mask Kit

CZECH ADULT GAS MASK, FILTER, BAG, PONCHO The OM-90 is the current service gas mask of the Armáda Ceské republiky (Czech army). Its production started in the year 1990. The facepiece is made of bromobutyl rubber. It's lenses are two circular, forward-looking tempered glass eyepieces optimized for optical use. It features a drinking tube system which is compatible with the camelbak system, and a center primary voice emitter. Breaking away from the previous M10 and M10M series masks, the OM-90 has a textile 5-point head harness. The OM-90 also sports a dual filter port design. That being said, the filter(s) can be inserted on the left side, the right side, or both. Although, it is not uncommon to find the OM-90 with a free port and a plugged second one. It features an oral nasal cup and an inner rubber seal. Th e voice clarity through the emitter is over 95% (as stated by the maker). Filter: The OM-90 is a STANAG compliant mask, and, when issued in military kit, comes with an OF-90 (Ochranný Filtr 90) filter.