Clam Crank Weight Red 1/4oz

What you're looking at is an innovative tool that lets you use your Summer Crank Baits and go Ice Fishing with them! The Crank Weight was designed to get your floating (Lipped)Crank Baits to slowly sink down your ice hole. Snap on a Crank Weight to the top eye of the front treble hook of your favorite Crank Bait and it will slowly sink to the bottom of the lake. Walleye and other fish like the slow drop rate of about 1' to 1.5' of drop per second. Add the correct weight to achieve this. Fish it 2' off bottom and start ripping upward to send the Crank Bait off to the outer edges that Draw the big ones in. Once a fish appears on you electronics, get them to chase the lure up and start doing short quick 1' Rip-Stop, Rip-Stops and then 1 inch wiggles (which make a Bucking Bronco action) and Hang On! That is when most of the vicious strikes occur. Summer Time the Crank Weights can be used to change your Crank Bait into a count down, or to make your lure dive deeper when trolling.