Berkley Fishing Gift Pack

Berkley product developers are committed to providing anglers with the best fish catching products. Each is rigorously tested and improved upon through a scientific process until the team is confident it is the best it can be. Team Berkley has carefully packed this kit with products that are sure to help you catch more bass and walleye.

The Bullet Pop was designed for maximum castability and water disturbance to attract topwater feeders. When finesse fishing is key, try the PowerBait MaxScent The General stick worms, they are packed with extreme scent release technology to attract bass from afar and the proven PowerBait flavor so fish bite and won’t let go! Plus, they pair perfectly with the sharp Fusion19 Weedless Wide Gap hooks and nearly invisible Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.  

Walleyes won't be able to resist the aggressive action of the Flicker Shads or the Gulp! Minnow’s extreme scent dispersion which pair perfectly with Berkley’s Half Head Jigs. And, the team added the most abrasion resistant line of its class, FireLine Ultra 8 to ensure you'll reel more Walleyes in this season!