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Shimano Chronarch 150 CI4+

S42153 L42153 F42153


We have incorporated our latest CI4+ material into a low profile reel. The new CI4+ is a much more rigid version of the original CI4 material introduced in 2009 in our Stradic CI4 models. This was first used for the Magnumlite rotor on the Sustain FG model spinning reels. The lightweight carbon offers the angler reduced weight, compact size and corrosion proof properties. As with most composites, technology improves and we were able to make this material 200% stronger.  CI4+ is not the only feature for the new Chronarch model. We have added X-Ship gearing to the newest member of the family. X-Ship uses a double bearing supported pinion gear. By supporting the gear at both ends you have zero torque deflection of the gear under severe loads. This provides effortless cranking power when it is needed most. The added benefit is improved freespool and casting performance of the lightweight Magnumlite spool due to the reduced friction.  In order to achieve the best possible performance, we have changed our VBS braking system to the new SVS Infinity design. This braking system still uses the centrifugal braking concept that Shimano was known for, with some significant changes. The new SVS system still uses an internal brake that can be turned on or off. Beyond this we have added an external dial to fine tune the braking to match any anglers casting style or lure choice.


Line Capacity: 10/145, 12/110, 14/90
Weight: 6.5oz

Drag Poundage: 11lbs

Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Bearing System: 7BB, 1RB
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