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G Loomis NRX 822S ShakyHead Mag-M

S30253 L30253


A great approach for getting results in lakes where the fish get a lot of pressure. Shallow, deep it really doesn't matter. It’s a unique style that requires a special rod action to impart a quiver into a finesse worm on a jighead by subtly shaking the rod tip. It’s kind of like drop-shotting right on the bottom. You don't want the bait to move across the bottom as much as you want it wiggle in place. Our rods feature a unique design that allows you to "shake" the bait without a lot of wasted motion. NRX gives you incredible sensitivity and makes the rods so light you almost forget you had it in your hand all day long. Simply put, this is the best ShakyHead rod made... EVER!


Line Rating: 8-12lbs

Length: 6’10”

Handle Material: Cork

Action: Extra Fast

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