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S4047 L4047


“The answer is simple and 3 fold - Quality, design and information. Each lead is developed from an ARDON COATING - the best in the business. Totally exclusive to us this high-density plastic powder is baked onto the lead to ensure it will survive the most demanding carping situations all over the world.

This powder usually comes in black and white only. Here at Korda we have invested many thousands of pounds to produce it not only in green and brown but also in the correct shades. So how can I be so confident?

Well, before we placed our order I went to our local pit and laid many different brown and green swatches (pieces of plastic card) on the lake bed and chose the two which blended in best on a clear spot and a weed covered area. These two colours became the basis of our 'Gravelly Brown' and 'Weedy Green' coatings with a few more specials added for extra camou.


Nothing in our range is there for the sake of it. Our products come from our own fishing, from our consultants or from you the angler. All of our leads are made to be as versatile as possible and as user friendly too. One common thread is that all are tapered towards the back of the lead in order to reduce the risk of tangles to the highest degree.

There's no point in having a super duper rig out there if it’s tangled up in a little ball. In testament to our design choices, our range still has leads in it that we started with 12 years ago. The original Swivel Distance has been made more nose-heavy and renamed the Tournament Casting. Our classic Pear Lead is the same as it was on the first day I poured it (in my kitchen at the time). Then came the Flatliner In-Lines which have become the industry standard shapes and more recently the addition of the Grippa leads has put us head and shoulders in front of the crowd, as the only real forward thinking terminal tackle outfit.

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