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Humminbird Lakemaster Chart, Ontario

Humminbird Lakemaster Chart, Ontario
For decades LakeMaster® has been putting accuracy, detail, and a passion for angling on the map lead by a devoted team of GIS analysts, anglers, and surveyors alike. LakeMaster's partnership with Humminbird® is now beginning to break down more barriers than ever before. Humminbird LakeMaster mapping is not only growing in coverage area, but also expanding the possibilities of cartography. Together innovation continues to lead to new and exciting products, seamless integration between software and hardware, a relentless focus on helping anglers catch more fish.

The NEW Humminbird LakeMaster Ontario Edition, Version 1 microSD map card is loaded with contours for over 550 lakes within Ontario. Additionally, included coverage exists for many border waters and the Great Lakes: Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie & Ontario.

• Updated shallow water areas for Lake Michigan and parts of Lake Superior
• Full coverage of Lake Superior
• All of Lake Huron (now including Georgian Bay)
• Beaver Island on Lake Michigan in High Definition
• New High Definition Survey of Lake St Clair (including the Canadian side)
• Updated the St. Clair River High Definition survey (including the Canadian side)
• Updated the Detroit River High Definition survey (including the Canadian side)

Plus High Definition surveys for border waters including:
• High Definition survey of Falcon Lake, Manitoba
• Crane, Rainy River, Minnesota
• Kabetogama, St. Louis, Minnesota
• Namakan, Rainy River, Minnesota
• Sand Point, Rainy River, Minnesota
• Barr, Manistee, Michigan
• Bear, Muskegon, Michigan
• Macatawa, Ottawa, Michigan
• Pentwater, Oceana, Michigan
• Pere Marquette, Mason, Michigan
• Skegemog, Antrim, Michigan, and more!

Also with the Ontario Version 1 microSD map card, you’ll enjoy all of the LakeMaster features including the following:
• i-Pilot® Link™ compatible
• Easy to read contours
• Depth Highlight Range
• Water Level Offset
• Shallow Water Highlight
• Scrollable Lake List

Ontario lakes on chart

Abamategwia, Kenora

Abram, Cochrane

Abram, Kenora

Achigan, Algoma

Adams, Lanark

Aframe, Algoma

Agimak, Kenora

Agonzon, Thunder Bay

Ahmic, Parry Sound

Alexandra, Kenora

Angelina, Cochrane

Anima Nipissing, Timiskaming

Anishinabi, Kenora

Anne, Cochrane

Archer, Kenora

Atikwa, Kenora

Aylen, Nipissing

Baby Shingwak, Kenora

Balsam, Kawartha Lakes

Banton, Thunder Bay

Baptiste, Hastings

Bark, Haliburton

Basshaunt, Haliburton

Basswood, Rainy River

Bay of Quinte, Ontario

Beatty, Thunder Bay

Beaver, Parry Sound

Beaver, Peterborough

Beech, Haliburton

Beggs, Kenora

Belmont, Peterborough

Belwood, Wellington

Bennett, Lanark

Benson, Leeds & Grenville

Berens, Kenora

Betula, Kenora

Biddy, Northumberland

Big Bald, Peterborough

Big Brother, Haliburton

Big Clear, Frontenac

Big Gull, Frontenac

Big Hawk, Haliburton

Big Moose, Kenora

Big Rideau, Leeds & Grenville

Big Salmon, Frontenac

Big Sand, Kenora

Big Stretch, Kenora

Big Vermilion, Kenora

Birch, Frontenac

Black, Lanark

Black Donald, Renfrew

Black Sturgeon, Thunder Bay

Black Sturgeon East, Kenora

Black Sturgeon West, Kenora

Blackwater, Thunder Bay

Blackwater North, Thunder Bay

Bobs, Frontenac

Bobtail, Timiskaming

Boland’s, Sudbury

Bonnechere River, Renfrew

Borden, Sudbury

Boshkung, Haliburton

Botsford, Kenora

Bottle, Peterborough

Brule, Frontenac

Buck East, Frontenac

Buck West, Frontenac

Buckhorn, Peterborough

Buckshot, Frontenac

Burrows, Thunder Bay

Bushy, Sudbury

Cain, Muskoka

Calabogie, Renfrew

Cameron, Bruce

Cameron, Kawartha Lakes

Cameron, Kenora

Campus, Kenora

Canal, Kawartha Lakes

Canning, Haliburton

Canoe, Frontenac

Canonto, Frontenac

Canthook, Thunder Bay

Cataraqui River, Hastings

Catchacoma, Peterborough

Catchacoma Narrows,


Caviar, Kenora

Cecebe, Parry Sound

Cecil, Kenora

Cedar, Kenora

Cedartree, Kenora

Centennial, Renfrew

Chandos, Peterborough

Charleston, Leeds and Grenville

Chemong, Peterborough

Chesley, Bruce

China, Kenora

Christie, Lanark

Clear, Kenora

Clear, Peterborough

Clear, Leeds & Grenville

Clearwater West, Rainy River

Cobble, Kenora

Cold, Peterborough

Coli, Kenora

Colonel By Lake, Hastings

Confusion, Kenora

Consecon, Prince Edward

Constance, Ottawa

Copp Bay, Muskoka

Copper, Peterborough

Cordova, Peterborough

Couchiching, Simcoe

Cranberry, Haliburton

Cranberry, Frontenac

Cranesnest, Leeds & Grenville

Crawford, Parry Sound

Crooked, Rainy River

Crooked Pine, Rainy River

Cross, Nipissing

Cross, Sudbury

Crow, Frontenac

Crowe, Hastings

Crowe Bay, Northumberland

Crowrock, Rainy River

Crystal, Peterborough

Crystal, Rainy River

Cygnet, Kenora

Cyprus, Bruce

Dalhousie, Lanark

Daniels, Kenora

Dark, Hastings

Darkwater, Rainy River

Darlington Bay, Kenora

Dashwa, Rainy River

Dead Otter, Thunder Bay

Denmark, Kenora

Derby, Kenora

Desert, Frontenac

Devil, Frontenac

Dinorwic, Kenora

Dobie, Timiskaming

Dog, Frontenac

Dogpaw, Kenora

Dorothy, Thunder Bay

Drag, Haliburton

Dryberry, Kenora

Eagle, Haliburton

Eagle, Kenora

Eagle, Frontenac

Eaglenest, Kenora

East Barbara, Thunder Bay

Edward, Kenora

Eels, Haliburton

Elbow, Frontenac

Elephant, Haliburton

Eliza, Kenora

Ellis, Thunder Bay

Elm, Thunder Bay

English River, Kenora

Ensign, Lake

Eskwanonwatin, Thunder Bay

Esnagami, Thunder Bay

Esson, Haliburton

Eva, Rainy River

Factor, Rainy River

Fallingsnow, Thunder Bay

Fanshawe, Middlesex

Farlinger, Kenora

Farquhar, Haliburton

Fernow, Thunder Bay

Finlayson, Rainy River

Flint, Kenora

Flora, Kenora

Flynne, Thunder Bay

Fog, Kenora

Forde, Cochrane

Foreman, Kenora

Forest, Kenora

Fortune, Frontenac

French River, Nipissing

Fushimi, Cochrane

Gathering, Thunder Bay

Gaug, Thunder Bay

Georgia, Frontenac

Georgia, Thunder Bay

Gillies, Bruce

Glamor, Haliburton

Gloucester Pool, Muskoka

Gneiss, Thunder Bay

Gold, Peterborough

Golden, Renfrew

Gooderham, Haliburton

Gould, Frontenac

Granite, Frontenac

Green, Haliburton

Greenhedge, Thunder Bay

Greenwater, Thunder Bay

Gull, Haliburton

Gull, Nipissing

Gull Rock, Kenora

Gun, Kenora

Gunflint, Thunder Bay

Haliburton, Haliburton

Halls, Haliburton

Halls, Timiskaming

Head, Haliburton

Healey, Parry Sound

Hidden, Kenora

Hill, Kenora

Hope, Kenora

Horseshoe, Haliburton

Hungry, Frontenac

Huronian, Thunder Bay

Icarus, Thunder Bay

India, Kenora

Indian, Leeds & Grenville

Indian, Kenora

Indian, Kenora

Iron, Rainy River

Iron Range, Thunder Bay

Isinglass, Kenora

Ivanhoe, Sudbury

Jack, Peterborough

Jackfish, Rainy River

Jackinnes, Thunder Bay

Joseph, Muskoka

Kabinakagami, Algoma

Kabitotikwia, Thunder Bay

Kagawong, Manitoulin

Kahshe, Muskoka

Kakagi, Kenora

Kamaniskeg, Hastings

Kashagawigamog, Haliburton

Kashawakamak, Frontenac

Katchewanooka, Peterborough

Katimiagamak, Kenora

Kawagama, Haliburton

Keg, Kenora

Kelly, Haliburton

Kennebec, Frontenac

Kennisis, Haliburton

Kenogami, Timiskaming

Kenogamisis, Thunder Bay

Keynote, Kenora

Kingsford, Frontenac

Kirkness, Kenora

Knife, Rainy River

Knowlton, Frontenac

Kokoko, Nipissing

Koshlong, Haliburton

Kukukus, Kenora

Kwinkwanga, Thunder Bay

Lac des Mille Lacs, Thunder Bay

Lac Seul, Kenora

Lady Evelyn, Timiskaming

Lake of Bays, Muskoka

Lilly, Sudbury

Limerick, Hastings

Little, Muskoka

Little Abitibi, Cochrane

Little Bald, Peterborough

Little Boshkung, Haliburton

Little Brother, Haliburton

Little Butler, Kenora

Little Cranberry, Frontenac

Little Eva, Rainy River

Little Glamor, Haliburton

Little Hawk, Haliburton

Little Jack , Peterborough

Little Joseph, Muskoka

Little Kennisis, Haliburton

Little Moose, Kenoa

Little Redstone, Haliburton

Little Sand, Kenora

Little Southbear, Timiskaming


= High Definition survey


= LakeMaster® High Definition survey



Little Vermilion, Rainy River

Loch Garry, Stormont, Dundas,

and Glengarr

Long, Timiskaming

Long Schooner, Frontenac

Loon, Leeds & Grenville

Loon, Haliburton

Loon, Bruce

Loon, Rainy River

Lost, Kenora

Lost Channel, Muskoka

Loughborough, Frontenac

Lovesick, Peterborough

Lower Buckhorn, Peterborough

Lower Manitou, Kenora

Lower Mazinaw, Frontenac

Lower Paudash, Haliburton

Lower Rideau, Leeds & Grenville

Lower Twin, Thunder Bay

Mabel, Kenora

Mackie, Frontenac

Maclean, Simcoe

Madalaine, Thunder Bay

Madawaska River, Renfrew

Magnetic, Rainy River

Magnetic, Thunder Bay

Mair, Frontenac

Mameigwess, Kenora

Manitou, Manitoulin

Manitouwabing, Parry Sound

Manton, Algoma

Maple, Haliburton

March, Kenora

Marie Louise, Thunder Bay

Marmion, Rainy River

Mcfarlane River, Kenora

McKay, Thunder Bay

McKenzie, Thunder Bay

Melon, Rainy River

Mephisto, Hastings

Middle, Kenora

Mill, Parry Sound

Mindemoya, Manitoulin

Minden, Haliburton

Minnitaki, Kenora

Mirror, Muskoka

Mississagagon, Frontenac

Mississagua, Peterborough

Mississippi, Lanark

Mitchell, Kawartha Lakes

Moira, Hastings

Mona, Muskegon

Monmouth, Haliburton

Moore, Haliburton

Moose, Kenora

Moose, Haliburton

Moose, Lake

Moose, Rainy River

Moraine, Thunder Bay

Mosque, Frontenac

Mosquito, Leeds & Grenville

Mountain, Thunder Bay

Mountain, Haliburton

Muriel, Kenora

Muskoka, Muskoka

Nelson, Kenora

Newboro, Leeds & Grenville

Newfound, Lake

Newton, Lake

Nipissing, Nipissing

Norcan, Frontenac

Norman, Timiskaming

North, Thunder Bay

North Fowl, Thunder Bay

North Wind, Thunder Bay

Northern Lights, Thunder Bay

Nosbonsing, Nipissing

Nunikani, Haliburton

Nym, Rainy River

Oblong, Haliburton

Obonga, Thunder Bay

Onamakawash, Thunder Bay

Onaman, Thunder Bay

Onaping, Sudbury

Opeongo, Nipissing

Opinicon, Leeds & Grenville

Otonabee River, Peterborough

Otter, Simcoe

Ottertrack, Rainy River

Otty, Lanark

Owl Creek, Kenora

Pagwachuan, Thunder Bay

Pakashkan, Thunder Bay

Partridge, Thunder Bay

Patterson, Lanark

Paudash, Haliburton

Pelican, Kenora

Perch, Lanark

Perch, Thunder Bay

Percy, Haliburton

Perrault, Kenora

Peterwhite, Lanark

Pigeon, Peterborough

Pigeon River, Peterborough

Pike, Lanark

Pine, Haliburton

Pistol, Kenora

Point, Kenora

Pollywog, Leeds & Grenville

Pony Shoe, Kenora

Popular Portage, Kenora

Populus, Kenora

Portage, Parry Sound

Poshkokagan, Thunder Bay

Prelate, Thunder Bay

Preston, York

Pretty Channel, Muskoka

Pringle, Thunder Bay

Ramsey, Timiskaming

Ranger, Kenora

Rat, Thunder Bay

Red, Kenora

Red Pine, Haliburton

Redhorse, Frontenac

Redstone, Haliburton

Reta, Thunder Bay

Rice, Northumberland

Richardson, Kenora

Rideau River, Ottawa

Root River, Kenora

Rose, Thunder Bay

Rosseau, Muskoka

Roughrock, Kenora

Round, Renfrew

Round Schooner, Frontenac

Rove, Thunder Bay

Rowan, Kenora

Ruby, Kenora

Rudge, Thunder Bay

Rupert, Kenora

Salerno, Haliburton

Salmon, Peterborough

Sand, Leeds & Grenville

Sandford, Kenora

Sandstone, Thunder Bay

Sandy, Peterborough

Saskatchewan, Haliburton

Scaler, Kenora

Scugog, Durham

Scugog River, Kawartha Lakes

Seed, Rainy River

Serpentine, Peterborough

Severn River, Muskoka

Seymour, Northumberland

Shaco, Thunder Bay

Sharbot, Frontenac

Shawanabis, Thunder Bay

Sheba, Timiskaming

Shebandowan, Thunder Bay

Sherborne, Haliburton

Shingwak, Kenora

Silver, Bruce

Silver, Frontenac

Simcoe, Simcoe

Six Mile, Muskoka

Six Mile Channel, Muskoka

Skeleton, Muskoka

Smoothrock, Thunder Bay

South, Thunder Bay

South Fowl, Rainy River

Southbear, Timiskaming

Soyers, Haliburton

Sparrow, Muskoka

Splash, Lake

Spruce, Haliburton

Stephen, Kenora

Stoco, Hastings

Stony, Peterborough

Stormer, Kenora

Stormy, Haliburton

Sturgeon, Kawartha Lakes

Sturgeon, Thunder Bay

Styx River, Hastings

Sucker, Rainy River

Sunbow, Thunder Bay

Sunset, Thunder Bay

Surveyor, Nipissing

Swan, Kenora

Sydenham, Frontenac

Tay River, Leeds & Grenville

Tea, Simcoe

Temagami, Nipissing

Tetu, Kenora

Thanet, Hastings

Thirty Island, Frontenac

Three Mile, Muskoka

Timiskaming, Timiskaming

Tory, Timiskaming

Tramp, Kenora

Trapnarrows, Thunder Bay

Trent Canal, Simcoe

Trent River, Northumberland

Trout, Kenora

Turkey, Thunder Bay

Turtle, Rainy River

Twelve Mile, Haliburton

Two Island, Kenora

Upham, Rainy River

Upper Manitou, Kenora

Upper Mazinaw, Lennox & Addington

Upper Rideau, Leeds & Grenville

Upper Twin, Thunder Bay

Vaughan, Kenora

Vermilion River, Kenora

Vernon, Muskoka

Voltaire, Thunder Bay

Wabaskang, Kenora

Wabigoon, Kenora

Wabikoba, Thunder Bay

Wanapitei, Sudbury

Warclub, Kenora

Watap, Thunder Bay

Waterfall, Kenora

Wawang, Thunder Bay

Waweig, Thunder Bay

Weikwabinonaw, Thunder Bay

Weller’s Bay, Prince Edward

West Jackfish, Rainy River

Whirlpool, Kenora

White, Lanark

White Otter, Thunder Bay

Whitefish, Leeds & Grenville

Whitefish, Kenora

Whitesand, Thunder Bay

Whitney, Kenora

Wig, Thunder Bay

Wilber, Renfrew

Wilcox, York

Wildgoose, Thunder Bay

Wilson, Renfrew

Winnipeg River-The Dalles, Kenora

Winnipeg River-Whitedog, Kenora

Wintering, Thunder Bay

Wolfe, Frontenac

Wright, Nipissing

Yonde, Kenora

Zen, Thunder Bay



Erie, Erie*

Detroit River, Wayne*

Inner Bay, Norfolk

Long Point Bay, Norfolk

Sandusky Bay, Sandusky

St. Clair, Lamboton*


Huron, Huron

Georgian Bay, Parry Sound

St. Mary’s River, Algoma


Michigan Central, Michigan

Michigan North, Michigan

Michigan South, Michigan

Big Bay de Noc, Delta

Fox River, Brown

Grand Traverse Bay, Grand Traverse

Green Bay, Menominee

Little Bay de Noc, Delta

Little Traverse Bay, Emmet




= High Definition survey


= LakeMaster® High Definition survey





Sturgeon Bay, Door


Superior Central, Baraga

Superior East, Chippewa

Superior West, Cook


Ontario, Ontario

St. Lawrence North Ont, St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence North US, St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence South Ont, St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence South US, St. Lawrence



Falcon, Manitoba


Barr, Manistee*

Bear, Muskegon*

Charlevoix, Charlevoix*

Elk, Antrim*

Grand, Ottawa*

Hamlin, Mason*

Leelanau, Leelanau*

Macatawa, Ottawa*

Mullett, Cheboygan*

Muskegon, Muskegon*

Pentwater, Oceana*

Pere Marquette, Mason*

Portage, Houghton*

Skegemog, Antrim*

South Bar, Leelanau*

Spring, Ottawa*

White, Muskegon*


Crane, Rainy River*

Kabetogama, St. Louis*

Namakan, Rainy River*

Sand Point, Rainy River*


Braddock Bay, Monroe

Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton

Irondequoit Bay, Monroe

Niagara River, Niagara

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