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New Rapala X-Rap Otus & Peto

Posted March 18, 2019 in


Pike & Musky love plastic hybrid baits, like the new X-Rap Peto. The Peto has been tearing-up the European pike scene and is now available in Canada. Measuring 20cm, its front features Rapala’s durable X-Rap construction while its rear has a colour-matched, soft-plastic paddletail. It comes with a spare tail, which changes easily and stays secure thanks to the integrated stainless, 6-point attachment system.

The Peto has a slow sink rate, horizontal fall, and a wobbling, hard-thumping, tail-kicking action that pike can’t help but attack. This lure maintains its action at slow speeds, making it perfect for teasing strikes from sluggish pike during cold-water conditions in spring. It’s versatile and can be fished with a steady swim or worked with a pull/jerk-pause retrieve. 

A big brother to Peto, the 25cm X-Rap Otus is another hybrid bait. Like the Peto, it has an incredible belly-flash action thanks to its hard-plastic, X-Rap torso. The Otus, though, has a soft-plastic curly tail that delivers a subtle, pulsing vibration compared to the harder-thumping Peto. In clear water, high-pressure fisheries and during post-front conditions, the Otus’ more subdued swimming action can prompt more pike to strike.

Rocky shorelines, points, spawning bays, shallow flats, marshy back bays, vegetation and drop-offs are just a few areas where the Peto and Otus shine at catching pike. 


New Rapala Super Shadow Rap

Posted March 5, 2019 in

Now Available