• 12 gauge, 3”/76mm magnum chamber, kinetic (inertia) system semi auto shotgun.
  • 2-Piece modular system. Stock / Trigger group module & Barrel / Receiver module.
  • 2-Piece Modular design makes Escort Dynamic shotgun the world’s fastest and easiest to assemble and disassemble.  The assembly or disassembly is done in a few seconds!
  • Single piece stock-forend with shock absorber and flexible cheek piece.
  • DaSoft® finish on stock providing durability and soft touch feel
  • Steel receiver with 11mm groove for scope mounts.
  • DynaPad® recoil pad system for maximum recoil absorption.
  • 3 stock spacers (each 5mm width) to extend stock length of pull.
  • Capability of firing both 3”/76mm and 2 ¾” / 70mm shells.
  • Oxidation Proof - Chrome plated barrels made of Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum steel.
  • All barrels are Proof Tested.
  • Available barrel lengths: 24”/61cm, 26”/66cm, 28”/71cm and 30”/76mm
  • Checkered & ventilated anti-glare rib.
  • Red fiber optic front sightS
  • teel shot suitable multi 5 choke system (F, IM, M, IC, CYL).
  • Magazine capacity: 4+1 rounds.
  • Accessory migratory plug decreasing capacity to 2+1.
  • Manual cross-button trigger safety.
  • Detachable sling swivels.