Roadside Minnows 1.75" Nano Fry

The Custom Nano Fry 1.75 by Roadside Minnows isn’t much different then our original 1” Nano Fry’s. The Nano Fry 1.75’s are 3/4” longer and have twice the girth through out from head to tail.
Nano Fry 1.75’s still have that Incredible "action" shad / fry profile with a very unique stinger tail as do the original Nano Fry’s.

Most realistic 3D eyes available!!

 Nano 1.75 will quickly become your go to bait when your looking to go up a little in size.

RM TIP: Pair our Nano 1.75’s with your favorite 1/64 Oz or 1/32 Oz tungsten Jig and you will undoubtedly have a perfect combination that will without doubt fill your stringer!

A True Game Changer!!!