Grumpy Baits 3.25" Google Eye Goby

Grumpy Google Eye Goby offers anglers another realistic Goby imitation that accentuates physical features of Round Gobies found in the Great Lakes.  Google Eye exaggerates both the body shape and eye size to entice a strike. Google Eye Goby has become a major bait in the Great Lakes region including Lake St. Clair and Lake Simcoe, even during the ice fishing season.

Large goby eyes help predator-fish identify the bait as a Goby
Bait shape (bottom-view, side-view, top-view) is designed to match Round Gobies
Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
Flat-bottom design ensures Google Eye Goby remains right-side up
Loaded with our signature Hawg and Garlic sauce!
Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
6 pieces per bag