Grumpy Baits 2.25" Mini Goby

Mini Goby is a new plastic goby imitation that is much smaller than those found in our Goby Series.  This bait was requested by many anglers looking for a goby bait designed for ice fishing. Mini Goby measures 2.25" in length, making it an ideal bait for panfish, whitefish and fish requiring a smaller presentation than normal.  As usual, this bait includes all the unique features of a custom bait.

2.25" mini size is ideal for panfish or finicky fish requiring a smaller presentation
Soft plastic give this small bait extra movement
Goby-like design gives this a more realistic look to fish
Ideal for tipping other baits such as ice jigs
Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
Loaded with our signature Grumpy sauce!
Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
10 pieces per bag